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sm[ART]box at Cal State Long Beach:
with InVert™ self-shading window system

sm[ART] Box

What is it?  Where is it?

Features InVert™ Self-Shading Windows

We've taken a shipping container and repurposed it as a showcase and testing site

What's in the Box?

We were very intentional to make this showcase sustainable. We have repurposed a shipping container with two identical sides so that we can demonstrate the value of InVert™ relative to ordinary windows.

Where Can I See it?
The sm[ART]box can now be seen at the Cal State, Long Beach Campus.
How Do I Make an Appointment?
Contact or make an appointment here to see the sm[ART]box in person in Long Beach.

sm[ART]box Videos

sm[ART]box Photos

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