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Award-Winning Innovative Technology

Self-Shading Window System


Using NO Energy to SAVE Energy

Temperature control doesn't need energy.

InVert™ is an entirely self-responsive technology that uses zero electrical energy and no human intervention to operate. TBM Designs™ designed this innovative, biophilic,

self-shading system to reduce air conditioning costs, energy use and carbon emissions.

Making Human-Centered Environments with

The design of the InVert™ petal pieces, inspired by organic forms, parallels the heliotropic activity of plants, like flowers or leaves that rotate to face the sun passing through the sky. This daily activity indexes ambient changes in atmospheric conditions, and the observation of the subtle movements of the petals become magical, as they mirror and reflect their environment. 

Buildings use 40% of all energy and contribute to 40% of all emissions. InVert™ targets these problems directly with its dynamic shading system. By using smart thermobimetal, the system responds to solar radiation by flipping over and blocking the sun. This simple action can save up to 30% of energy used by air conditioning.

IMG_5800 (1).jpeg

InVert™ naturally maximizes both daylight and color spectrum by reducing the need for dark coatings and allowing the use of the clear glazing. Studies have shown that exposure to natural daylight contributes positively to a person’s circadian rhythm in terms of sleep patterns and productivity. And, a broad visual color spectrum positively supports retinal health and ultimately mental health.

with Standard Frames

Because InVert™ sits inside the cavity of a standard insulated glass unit (IGU), installation in any standard storefront or curtainwall frame system is easy and customary. Units of any size can be ordered locally and delivered to any site in the world. In keeping with our sustainability goals, the InVert™ inserts are shipped directly to local fabricators keeping shipping costs and carbon footprint to a minimum.

invert DG 021419_text copy_edited.png
invert DG 021419_text copy_edited.png

Because InVert™ is sealed inside the air-tight cavity of a standard insulated glass unit, the material and operation of the petals will never tire and no maintenance is needed. The parts remain dust-free and recoating the petals is unnecessary.

for Color and Graphics

The pixelated system of petals allows the use of multiple colors and a variety of graphic designs. Extensive glass and coating specifications can meet design and performance goals and can include colors, ceramic frit patterns and low-e coatings from PPG, Guardian, Pilkington, Cardinal and St. Gobain. Complexity may affect pricing.


Because the petals of the InVert™ system are distributed in a gridlike fashion throughout the window units and the glazing is not coated with a dark mirror-like tint, the visibility for birds makes it a natural deterrent for accidental collisions. Bird-safety coatings can be eliminated.

Eliminating Automated 

Because InVert™ greatly reduces glare, the use of shades or blinds can be eliminated. This exclusion can amount to huge cost saving in areas where automated blinds or shades are required for ADA.

Providing a Reliable 

InVert™ performance is backed by a 10-year warranty by TBM Designs’ “InVert™ Performance Certification”. Data is certified by independent testing labs and by glazing analysis software, recommended by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a division of the US Department of Energy.

TBM Designs provides a 10-year warranty on its InVert products. The company will repair or replace its InVert system if it fails in ordinary use from material or manufacturing defects, other than in the case of the failure of the IGU. In connection with the repair or replacement of the product under the conditions of the warranty, TBM Designs will pay, to the extent necessary, the reasonable cost of repair or replacement of an IGU of similar price and quality as the IGU into which the InVert product was first sealed.

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