Window Shading System


Elegantly responsive smart materials system within an IGU, requiring no energy, control mechanisms, or human intervention to perform its shading task.

Dramatically reduces artificial cooling needs by reducing solar heat gain.



  • Architect and Inventor, Doris Sung, recognized the dynamic properties of thermostatic bimetal (TBM) due to its ability to curl in response to changing temperatures

  • InVert™ Windows incorporate the TBM material interior to an IGU (Insulating Glass Unit), serving as the core mechanism for the shading effect

  • As the temperature from the sun increases, TBM pieces between the panes of glass change their shape to block the sunlight away from the building, resulting in a shading of the building’s interior

  • When the sun moves away from a respective window and the temperature level cools, the TBM pieces revert to their original shape and position

  • Resulting shading provides a reduction in heat gain of 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit, which can reduce artificial cooling needs by 28-42%, depending on a building's geographical location

  • InVert™ Windows place significant attention on retaining maximum view and day-lighting, allowing for 70% visibility while providing for 90% shading coverage to a building's interior

*Animation above reflects a double facade system


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