Self-Shading Window System

Flipping Energy Efficiency On Its Head
Invert Window.jpg
The Technology

Entirely Self-Responsive

Uses No Electrical Energy to Operate

Requires No Controls or Human Intervention

Reduces A/C Needs & Carbon Emissions

Industry Awards & Recognition

Our singular focus is to develop architectural building materials that are self-responsive to changing environmental conditions. Leaders from the Architecture and Building sectors have recognized InVert's success in achieving that goal. Some of that recognition is below...

Won top award for being scalable, thought-provoking, and promising in achieving a more equitable and healthy built environment

InVert™ also selected as the Record Product of the Year in the  “Windows, Doors & Hardware” category 

InVert™ selected Best of Facades winner based on originality, innovation, functionality, aesthetics, performance, and value

 Top award in the "Façades, Glass and Glazing Category" as an A+ product.  Also awarded the Popular Choice Winner

Winner in Products / Building Envelope & Construction Materials category


2020 R+D Awards

Architectural Record

Product of The Year

Architects Newspaper

Best of Facades Award


Best Innovation Category

Architecture Masterprize

Product Design Winner


"This product is like a sunflower, mimicking nature. I love that it uses thermobimetals and phase-change materials to make the action happen, which is super simple and super organic." 

- Steve McDowell, FAIA

"You have the solution to the problem that we're trying to solve."

- Chief of Sustainability, Silicon Valley Company 

"This product reinforces weather conditions and makes you more aware of what's outside. Rather than everything being completely controlled by humans, natural systems control the building, which is something we need to be dealing with more and more."

- Fiona Raby, Industrial Design Expert


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