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Leadership Team

Karen Sabath, CEO
Head of Finance and Sustainability

After a successful career in finance that had her serving as President of Blackrock’s Mutual Fund Group at 28 years-old, Karen ultimately transitioned to a career that allowed her to follow her true her passion, sustainability. As both an active and passive investor in private ventures, Karen has been involved with businesses and initiatives that are designed to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Karen graduated cum laude from Princeton with an economics degree and has earned a certificate from Columbia's Earth Institute. 

Doris Sung, CTO
Inventor, Lead Technologist, Architect

An inventor, designer, and architect who serves as Director of USC's Undergraduate Architecture Programs, Doris has focused her creative energies on developing sustainable building materials that are self responsive to changing environmental conditions. Doris is the inventor and lead designer of the InVert Self-shading Window system which has won numerous awards and accolades from the building and architecture sectors. Doris has a B.A. from Princeton and a M.Arch from Columbia University.

Scott Horwitz, CSO
Head of Strate
gy and Development

Having built out and managed a very profitable trading desk for an international bank, and looking to apply his skills more broadly, Scott created a business development advisory service working with clients across a number of business sectors to shape and execute strategies for new product development. Some of those industries included Healthcare, Financial Products, Luxury Travel, and Commercial Real Estate. Scott graduated from Cornell  with a B.A. in Business Management.

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