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Performance Metrics

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

InVert™ glazing units offer DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE to provide the most solar heat control at peak hours WITHOUT DARK TINTS. InVert™ is a mechanically dynamic technology whose patented smart system maximizes daylight throughout the day while providing high levels of solar heat control at peak hours.

Visible Light Transmittance

InVert™ optimizes both DAYLIGHTING and SOLAR HEAT GAIN CONTROL in a single product, by transmitting valuable visible light while reflecting unwanted solar heat. Other glazings that use low-e films to achieve solar heat control often do so at the expense of visible light, which is static throughout the day, blocking daylight even when the sun is not at its peak.


The U-factor is determined by the assembly of the window system or Insulated Glass Unit (IGU). Any added low-e coatings will affect the U-factor.

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