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About TBM Designs

TBM Designs strives to make a positive impact on the planet by helping to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. We pursue this by creating passive, beautiful and smart building products, which reduce the use of energy and greenhouse gases while also improving human wellness. TBM applies a sustainable lens throughout our business activities, including limiting the carbon footprint of our manufacturing, minimizing single-use materials, utilizing public transportation, minimizing corporate travel and maintaining a high level of environmental stewardship in our personal activities.


Our Mission

TBM Designs is dedicated to creating elegant, intelligent building products that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability. Our mission is to minimize energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance human well-being, and set the standard for socially and environmentally responsible enterprises.


TBM Designs is committed to sustainable practices. We have intentionally designed a product that USES NO ENERGY TO SAVE ENERGY. Because over 40% of all energy is used on buildings and over 40% of all emissions is produced by the building industry, we are dedicated to reducing the use of energy and emissions in the product that we provide AND in the production of that same product. In all steps of our manufacturing process, we have examined and explored all options to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint. For this reason, we have made extreme efforts to keep manufacturing near us and find a delivery model that minimizes shipping and transportation costs.

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