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         Self-Shading Window System

Flipping energy efficiency on its head


Bird safe


Temperature control doesn't need energy


InVert™ self-shading window system uses smart thermobimetal (TBM), a metal that curls when heated, inside the 5/8” cavity of a double-glazed insulated glass unit (IGU). The many patented butterfly-like pieces respond to the sun by flipping and blocking solar radiation from entering the building, reducing energy costs by up to 35%. Because the IGU is a staple used in all commercial projects, it is easy to install in new and retrofit buildings in all standard curtainwall or storefront framing.

InVert's patented technology uses optimally designed pieces of thermo-bimetal within an IGU so that it:

  • is completely self-responsive 

  • requires no electrical input, control mechanisms, or human intervention to operate. 

  • reduces your cooling needs by up to 25% 

  • materially lowers your carbon emissions footprint

  • allows for significant visual light transmittance 

  • provides exceptional amount of day-lighting

  • optimizes factors important to human wellness.  

Window Shading System

Combining Biology With Architecture

We recognized the importance of identifying "living" building materials that can function without requiring any energy input or human intervention.

Creating "Responsive" Building Materials 

We developed an architectural building material that is self-responsive, enabling our window shading system to adapt to changing environmental conditions on its own.

Solving Sustainability Challenges

We understood that truly "smart" building materials must be able to reduce energy demand and carbon footprint on their very own, without any human influences.

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