KAREN SABATH - CFO & Head of Sustainability

Karen began her career in the financial services sector in the mortgage finance department at First Boston.  Karen was promoted to an associate position following a year and a half of working on more than 30 deals with the company.  Seeking a wider platform, Karen left six months later to join the start-up asset management company, BlackRock. 


Taking the initiative as often as possible, Karen spearheaded the integration of the trust division of PNC Bank upon its merger with BlackRock and grew that operation into BlackRock Funds, its mutual fund division, where she was its President at age 28. 

Karen continued to build the funds group where she was responsible for managing the product development and sales efforts and successfully coordinated the marketing, financial, regulatory and legal aspects of the business.

After retiring from BlackRock in February 2001 to raise her two boys, Karen became an investor (both active and passive) in private ventures.  Karen is also currently active in several sustainable ventures, including organic farming and hands-on beekeeping and also serves as a board member and the Treasurer of Bedford 2020, a grass-roots organization whose mission is to dramatically reduce energy emissions in our local area.  Karen graduated cum laude with a degree in economics from Princeton University and is working toward a certificate in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability at the Earth Institute, Columbia University.


When she’s not spending time with her family, beekeeping, serving sustainable activities or managing investments, Karen can be found caregiving for older people in the neighborhood, watching tennis, exercising, taking photographs or eating chocolate.

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